MVG Naturals, is a dream coming to fruition for Megan Green. After a childhood of adversity growing up in Philadelphia, PA, it was education, a relentless work ethic and uncomfortable experiences that facilitated growth and brought her to this place in her journey.

Megan grew up doing hair, developed her own hair business by age thirteen, and went on to work at a hair salon in her high school years. While in college, completing a bachelors degree in Psychology at Villanova University, Megan's hair business still thrived. While Megan's professional experience has entailed working in the aerospace industry in a variety of leadership roles, her personal life and goal has been to figure out how to grow and maintain healthy hair to increase one's confidence and belief in themselves. 

In 2014, three years after she stopped getting relaxers, she created her first two products in her kitchen: an avocado conditioner mask and a beard/hair oil.  The mask and oil helped her grow and embrace her natural hair, maintain heatless styles and discover her own natural curls and texture. While completing a masters degree at the USC Annenberg School of Communication, Megan decided to fully embrace the entrepreneurial journey with the launch of this site.

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