Benefits of Crownworkshop

-leadership training

-self empowerment

-self advocacy

-emotional awareness

-hair care tips

-hair styling 

-entrepreneurial training

“I am going to places where these deserving little girls do not have access to wifi, YouTube and most times a cell phone. With my hair care line, MVG Naturals, I struggled for a long time because I realized that the people who would benefit most from my products, would not have access to it due to the price point… And that did not sit right with me so I wanted to do something about it.

 I am seeking funding because I want to grow the Crownworkshop to other places around the world and country. I have been working on my business for 2 years and after investing in myself for over 10 years, I am now open to assistance to build my dream and continue to walk in my purpose. This funding will assist me with this trip, supplies, workshops in South Africa and creating the infrastructure to expand it to schools around the country and vending my brand at the Cape town Naturally Hair Festival in December."

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“After spending the 2018 summer in Capetown, South Africa, I knew my relationship with this city and country was just beginning...” - Megan Green


MVG (Motivate Vibe Grow) is a social enterprise that provides confidence via hair care products, apparel and Crownworkshops. "Crownworkshop" is an engaging experience designed to equip little girls with the tools to re-examine their relationship with their hair and self to propel them forward towards personal and academic success.


According to Megan Green…

“Hair Care is a basic need.”  The fact that we live in a world that requires us to depend on others to make us feel beautiful and confident is not sustainable.”

While there has been significant growth in the natural hair movement and a shift to embracing our full selves, millions of girls around the world do not have access to the information and resources due to financial circumstances. MVG’s mission is to ensure that little girls around the world learn the basics of hair care and styling regardless of their circumstances. Therefore, MVG Naturals has committed to teaching 1,000,000 girls via the Crownworkshop domestically and abroad. They will learn self love via hair care and hair styling workshops that will be free of charge to the most deserving areas. 



















Specifically, this campaign is to support a "MVG Crownworkshop" on November 29, 2019. This workshop will be conducted in South Africa, in the township, Langa in collaboration with Side by Side tours and Earth Child Project.

Learn more about each organization using the link below,

To learn more about MVG Workshops or request a workshop in your school or organization, email

To support #CrownworkshopSA, you can purchase the MVG tee. There are more details to come as this date approaches.

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